rob morrow whole truth maura tierney 'The Whole Truth's' Rob Morrow on Maura Tierney: 'I chased her around the desk the other night'Rob Morrow is defense attorney Jimmy Brogan on ABC’s new legal drama “The Whole Truth” and he tells Zap2it he sees the role as liberating after his stoic character on “Numb3rs.”

“Initially it just jumped out at me as fun,” Morrow laughs. “The guy on ‘Numb3rs’ was very a very reticent, iconic classic quiet hero and this guy is the opposite. It just seemed liberating. The character I was playing on ‘Numb3rs’ was a bit repressed.”   
Part of the free-wheeling nature of Brogan is his tension-filled relationship with Maura Tierney‘s Kathryn Peale, the Bureau Chief in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

“I’m always advocating exploring more and more. It’s a convention or a trope of network television, to have these characters that have this attraction and are almost getting together but not,” says Morrow.

He also teases their past romantic relationship when they were in law school together at Yale.

“They hit it off and then had a little thing. Not too long, but circumstances led them in different directions,” Morrow says. “My character ends up getting married with kids, so all these circumstances kept them apart, but now they’re theoretically available to each other. Whether they will or not remains to be seen.”

In the first episode of “Whole Truth,” the jury found the defendant guilty and it was revealed at the end of the episode that he was indeed guilty. What intrigues us is when the jury gets it wrong.

“That happens. Hopefully every permutation will happen at some point. I’m always for pushing the envelope and shaking things up as much as possible,” says Morrow. “Being representational of what the world is really like, while still remaining in entertainment. It’s a tricky balance.”

Morrow couldn’t give too much away, but he did say his favorite cases so far include some great guest-stars.

“The one with Judd Hirsch is fun. He plays a judge accused of a crime,” teases Morrow. “And we just finished one with my friend Annabella Sciorra as this rogue Diane Von Furstenburg. There are so many great moments. I just love playing with Maura. I chased her around the desk the other night.”

“The Whole Truth” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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