Fayedunaway_oscars05_240The new FOX comedy The Winner focuses on a 32-year-old virgin (Rob Corddry) who lives at home and forms a close personal bond with the 13-year-old son (Keir Gilchrist) of the woman (Erinn Hayes) he wants to sleep with. Given that the show comes from the twisted mind (and twisted autobiography) of Family Guy veteran Ricky Blitt, it’s no surprise that the show goes places that most sitcoms have the good taste to avoid (and finds laughs in those dark corners).

"I think somebody described it as being sort of sweetly offensive, that there’s a real heart to it, and that it never crosses the line. It’s coming out of a thing of innocence. It’s never coming out of anything mean-spirited or cruel."

Nope. Never mean-spirited or cruel. Well, maybe…

"I had one line in one episode where Glen is wondering whether he’s going to have an adulterous affair with the first woman he’s been with and says, ‘Who am I kidding? I’m going to hell like Hitler and Faye Dunaway.’"

What did the star of The Starlet and Dunston Checks In do to so offend the screenwriter of The Ringer? Blitt delves into personal experiences to explain.

"I’ve never learned how to drive a car, so I use a driver to drive me around, and every driver that I’ve used, I say who is the worst person you’ve ever met, and it’s always Faye Dunaway," he says.

Blitt takes an expert pause.

"And also, by the way, not a good lay."

That, of course, forces at least one critic to request clarification, to find out if Blitt and the Chinatown and Don Juan DeMarco temptress actually have a past romantic history. We’re gullible like that.

"I actually have never met her — once again, you seem to think I was joking when I said she wasn’t a bad lay? No." Blitt clarifies. "I’ve never met Faye Dunaway, but everybody that I’ve ever met, any driver that I’ve had, I said, ‘What’s your worst celebrity story?’ They always say, ‘Faye Dunaway. She is just a monster.’"

Again, another expert pause.

"If I can do one thing as a writer and a creator it’s bring down that old bitch."

Dunaway should watch out — The Winner premieres on Sunday, March 4.

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg