Meet the women of “Magic City,” they’re ridiculously beautiful, swathed in gorgeous clothes and get to drink and smoke cigarettes without a lot of pesky warnings about health hazards.

In a new clip seen here first at Zap2it meet dissatisfied trophy wife Vera (Olga Kurylenko), hooker with a heart of gold Judi (Elena Satine), gold-digging Lily (Jessica Marais) and Meg (Kelly Lynch), a woman with a little too much business savvy for the late 1950s.

They are, we’re promised by a voice-over, “provocative, beautiful, dangerous, erotic and scandalous.”

These well-dressed, perfectly-coiffed gals make up one half of a cast that also includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston and Christian Cooke. The show revolves around the Miramar Playa, a fictional Miami Beach hotel. Morgan plays Ike Evans, husband to Vera, and the king of the hotel who also happens to be playing fast and loose with the Miami mob.

“Magic City” premieres Friday, April 6 on Starz.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson