nat geo wild women we move animals The Women of Nat Geo WILD: Animal jobs you didn't know needed doing

The Women of Nat Geo WILD panel at the 2014 Television Critics Association press tour brought the stars of three upcoming shows: “We Move Animals,” “Shear Madness” and “Yukon Doc.” Representing them were the three stars of the shows, Susan Denicker, Natalie Redding and Michelle Oakley.

These are women who do jobs you’ve never heard of and do them better than you can imagine.

“We Move Animals” (premiering Jan. 2014) deals with animal relocation — and that doesn’t just mean dogs and cats. Denicker talked about everything from boarding tarantulas in her office to shipping dogs to Australia (which costs more than $10,000 due to quarantine fees). Birds, lizards and other critters get from point A to point B too.

As for “Shear Madness,” the show follows Redding and her family on their farm. Redding showed up at the panel with her sheepdog, Lacey, and had plenty to say about keeping sheep and ducks. Very little of her life is much like the movie “Babe” though — except for the phrase, “That’ll do,” which is apparently a traditional sheepherding saying.

Finally, “Yukon Doc” deals with Dr. Oakley, the lone doctor in a Canadian territory the size of the entire Pacific Northwest. She has to treat everything from dogs (with quills in their muzzles) to wild caribou and more. Since she lives somewhere that has more wolves than people — where the mail can come by sled-dog — Oakley doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Posted by:Laurel Brown