The people who bring “Dexter” to life visit “The Writers’ Room” on Monday (Aug. 12), and it appears they like their dialogue short and not so sweet.

In this clip from the Sundance Channel series (which is exclusive to Zap2it), host Jim Rash asks “Dexter” star Michael C. Hall and the show’s writers and producers what their favorite line from the series is. Rather than some artfully written monologue, they agree on two lines, totaling just five words. One is “Surprise, motherf***er!,” delivered by Doakes (Erik King) in the Season 7 finale that takes its title from the line.

The other comes from John Lithgow in the Season 4 episode “Hungry Man.” An unbelievably tense Thanksgiving dinner is punctuated by Arthur (Lithgow) telling his wife (Julia Campbell) to shut up, followed by just about the worst thing you can call a woman. “Coming out of John Lithgow’s mouth, that is such a shock,” executive producer Sara Colleton says.

“The Writers’ Room” — a half-hour of catnip for TV obsessives — airs at 10 p.m. ET Monday on Sundance Channel.

Posted by:Rick Porter