britney spears x factor promo 'The X Factor': Britney Spears 'did a really good job,' FOX chief saysWhether Britney Spears will be part of “The X Factor” next season hasn’t been determined yet. The head of FOX, however, is plenty willing to have her back.

“I actually thought it went very, very well,” FOX Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly said Tuesday (Jan. 8) at the TCA winter press tour in response to a question about how Spears did on the show.

“It was sort of fraught with unknowns, [but] I think Britney did a really good job. … People are really fascinated with her and always will be,” Reilly says. “She’s just an interesting figure who’s led a unique life, and I thought she brought some of that and people got to know her a little bit. Maybe some people were waiting for more drastic displays of some nature that never came.”

Reilly says discussions about next year haven’t really started yet, as creator Simon Cowell took a long vacation after this season ended. Reilly, however, had a succinct answer when a reporter asked if he’d be on board with Spears returning next season: “Yeah.”

Posted by:Rick Porter