david correy judges homes x factor fox 'The X Factor' contestant David Correy finds birth mother 25 years after adoption in BrazilDavid Correy auditioned for “The X Factor” with two missions. One: To become a superstar (duh). And two: Find his birth mother.

We’ll have to wait and see how that first one works out, but it sounds like he may have accomplished the second. TMZ is reporting that a woman named Luciene Lima saw Correy’s audition when “The X Factor” aired in Brazil and recognized both his story and his baby photos. She had put a baby up for adoption 25 years ago, and used Brazil’s court system and local media to confirm and track down that that baby grew up to become the 26-year-old Correy.

TMZ says a DNA test has not been performed but other key details — including a birth certificate, the orphanage David was adopted from, and the overall timeline — match. All that’s left is for the two to reunite… on camera during an episode of “The X Factor,” perhaps?

Due to the weirdness of FOX’s scheduling this week, some “X Factor” viewers still don’t know whether or not Correy will make it to the live shows, while others already saw judge L.A. Reid decide Correy’s fate. FOX will air a “X Factor” special on Tuesday revealing which contestants will be moving on.

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