xfactor fox 'The X Factor' debuts eight minute show promo The already crowded landscape of televised singing competitions is about to add one more when “The X Factor” hits the air Sept. 21.

And the show’s marketing machine has gone into overdrive.

FOX aired an eight-minute promo Sunday (Sept. 11) of what viewers can expect from the program. And the answer is a lot of Simon Cowell, a lot of tear-jerking stories and a lot of Pepsi.

The show marks the first time that Cowell and his former “American Idol” foil Paula Abdul have worked together since Abdul left “AI” in 2009. The love/hate relationship between the two is still there.

Abdul says of Cowell in the ad, “He’s a handful, but so am I.”

“The X Factor” crew is rounded out by L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones.

As for the Pepsi, viewers better get used to seeing the soda logo as they paid upwards to $60 million to be associated with the show.

Cowell is typical Cowell. In the ad he takes a subtle dig at one of his competitors, the surprise NBC success, “The Voice.”

“It’s more than just a voice, it’s something else,” Cowell says.

Simon is back.

Here’s the video.


Posted by:David Eckstein