x factor britney spears first look 'The X Factor': Meet Britney Spears, tough judge (Video)“Has America’s sweetheart been hanging out with Simon Cowell too much?” That’s the question asked in a brand spanking new promo from FOX for “The X Factor” that gives fans the first look at judge Britney Spears in action.

The answer may be yes. Anyone who assumed Brit Brit would be a soft touch who shied away from direct criticism may want to watch and rethink. In the short clip, everything we see from Spears is — well — harsh.

“You can’t destroy that song, sweetie,” she tells one hopeful.

“Very predictable,” she tells another contestant.

“You don’t have the X Factor,” says Spears in a final bloodless edict.

So is Spears a closet toughie or is FOX just stringing together her most critical moments to give their promo a good run? What do you think?

Also — no sign of the Spears we heard about during early tapings: The one who apparently went AWOL more than once and was chronically late for auditions.

The show premieres on Sept 12 on FOX.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson