x factor geo godley 'The X Factor': PTC filing FCC complaint over dropped pantsPaula Abdul wasn’t the only one offended when a contestant dropped his pants during the premiere episode of Simon Cowell’s new talent competition show, “The X Factor.” The Parents Television Council is filing a complaint with the FCC even though no actual nudity aired during the episode, reports The Wrap.

Geo Godley, who appeared on the show’s Seattle auditions, dropped his pants at the end of his performance — causing a shocked Paula Abdul to flee the judges’ table. But viewers at home saw a giant “X” over Godley’s genitals.

“While a digitally imposed ‘X’ partially covered Mr. Godley’s genitals, the scene lingered on his nudity while editing in the shocked responses of the judges and other members of the audience,” the PTC complaint reads. “Families were led to believe ‘The X Factor’ would be family-friendly programming and instead were assaulted by graphic nudity. In fact, judge Paula Abdul walked out during the performance, apparently becoming physically ill by what happened.  

“Although the Commission’s authority to enforce its broadcast decency rules has been the subject of ongoing litigation, there is no reason for the Commission not to act in this instance.  The content in this case included prolonged, un-fleeting nudity used to shock the audience.  The program did not air live, so every second was carefully edited by the Fox network and cannot be attributed to a ‘mistake.'”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson