jennel garcia lyric 145 x factor fox 'The X Factor' results: Jennel Garcia and Lyric 145 respond to double eliminationThe first double elimination of “The X Factor” Season 2 claimed two unfortunate victims: hip-hop trio Lyric 145 — the most energetic and original act on the show — and early favorite Jennel Garcia — who struggled to define herself as a rocker.

“I’m not bummed out,” says Lyric Da Queen, who entered the competition as a solo act before partnering in a group with brothers Julien and Jemelle Joseph. “I do wish we could’ve showed the world what we really could do, and do what we originally planned: original lyrics in hip-hop. But I don’t believe in coincidences, I think everything happens for a reason. Now the door is open.”

Garcia agrees that it’s best to view the elimination as a new beginning. “It’s time for me to show the world who I am,” Garcia says. “Coming into this competition I lost myself. But I was looking for a place to grow and someone to guide me. And I feel like Demi guided me.”

Both acts praise their mentors for the work they did. “Do I regret Simon as a mentor? No I don’t,” Lyric says. “He’s very wise and knowledgable and he gave us jewels that’ll stick with us for the rest of our career for sure.”

“I think she feels the same way I do,” Garcia says of Lovato. “It’s a little bit frustrating when you know what goes on behind the scenes, and I know she’s really upset over it. I’m just glad that she believed in me so much.”

And both acts were persuaded into performing songs they weren’t entirely comfortable with on the top 12 performance show. Garcia preferred the idea of Alanis Morissette’s iconic rocker “You Oughta Know” instead of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” and Lyric 145 wanted to transform Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” into a hip-hop anthem instead of performing the mashup of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

But now that they’re no longer in the “X Factor” competition, they want to stay true to themselves and try to make it in the music business. All three members of Lyric 145 are planning to move to Los Angeles and record original material as a trio. While Garcia is eager to re-establish her rock look by dying her hair black again and ditching the “girly” look the show gave her in favor of something more authentically rock.

“I’m so sick of hearing the same music on the radio,” Garcia says of her goal to bring rock music back to pop radio. “Everything you hear on the radio sounds the same. And I know a lot of people can agree with that, people who don’t even like the music I like can agree with that. We’re sick of hearing the same thing.”

“I believe that this happening is bigger than any prize we could’ve won,” Lyric says as she points to the brothers she met thanks to “X Factor.” “I think we’re really gonna do something amazing to the industry.”

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