jeff gutt the x factor runner up fox 'The X Factor' runner up Jeff Gutt can't wait to buy Alex and Sierra's albumJeff Gutt spent most of the second half of “The X Factor” Season 3 concentrating on blowing his competitors out of the water. He ultimately came in second place, but after his loss Gutt is in good spirits and has nothing but love for his fellow finalists.

“I feel great,” he tells Zap2it backstage. “Everything happens for a reason. I’m excited for [winners] Alex and Sierra. I can’t wait to get their record. And Carlito [Olivero, who came in third], I love that guy. Nothing but respect. He just works so hard.”

Experiencing a grueling singing competition together gave Gutt lots of respect for his fellow competitors — but so did the fact that they were all good people. “We all became family doing this because we didn’t really have our families out here, so we relied on each other for a lot of things,” he says. “There were never any egos or negativity between anyone out here. The people who work on this show keep saying over and over again that this was the most amazing season they’ve ever been involved in on any show because all the people were so humble and talented.”

For someone so committed to winning, Gutt is a gracious loser. Although he might not have won the recording contract, he’s committed to riding his wave of success and getting a band together and moving to Los Angeles to try to make it.

“I just can’t wait to put a team together,” Gutt says. “I have songs; I want to start writing more. I want to sit in a room with a lot of genius people and figure out what the exact steps are. I can’t wait to get started on that.”

In the meantime, he’s just trying to live by the advice his mentor, Kelly Rowland, gave him: “Don’t bring the negativity with you. You don’t need it. It took the world off my shoulders.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley