stacy francis astro x facto 'The X Factor' Top 10 results: Stacy Francis or Astro, who went home?Can Paula Abdul finally catch a break and not have one of her groups go home on “The X Factor”?

Turns out she can. Lakoda Rayne is one of the first two acts declared safe. Their reaction to being called safe is pretty darn adorable. And Paula looks fabulous. LeRoy Bell was the other act declared safe right at the top.

Rihanna is there in her Fly Girl best to perform her new single. I love Rihanna, but paging “In Living Color.”

Next called safe are Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Marcus Canty. Then we go to commercial. Following the break, Drew is through and then so is Rachel, leaving Astro and Stacy Francis in the Bottom 2. Wow. I’m pretty surprised about Astro, I thought he killed it last night. The judges should absolutely send Stacy home, her performance last night was wretched.

For her sing-for-your-life song, Stacy does “Amazing Grace” and it’s honestly not that good. She’s off-pitch quite a bit. You know, I felt this way about Stacy after her audition – everybody went bonkers and I did not. Then I kinda drank the Kool-Aid, but now after last night, I think I was right the first time. She’s just not that strong of a singer.

Astro comes out and says he doesn’t think it’s necessary to perform. Um, let’s not get too big for our britches, kid. As a judge, nothing would make me send him home faster than him copping an attitude. I don’t care if that’s his schtick, it’s annoying and presumptuous.

When the judges vote, L.A. and Nicole still blather on for five minutes, but they obviously vote for their own acts, so they’re tied 1-1 going into Paula and Simon.

My god, the judges’ speeches vefore their votes make me want to barf. Yeah, get it – respect, talented, respect, respect, talent blahblahblah loveyoubothcakes.

Paula sends home Stacy and then Simon calls Astro on his attitude. I knew Simon would hate that little stunt he pulled about not performing. He then mouths off about not wanting to perform for people who don’t want him there. But he’s crying. It’s hard to remember he’s just a kid. Poor lil’ fella.

Simon then bases his vote on who has the best chance of winning, even though he doesn’t want to do this, and sends home Stacy.

Yeah, Astro needs to keep it in check. The voting public isn’t going to want to keep him around next week after this.

What do you think, “X Factor” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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