x factor voting 'The X Factor' voting: Texts, twitter, telepathy“The X Factor” is certainly trying to be more hip, cool and young than “American Idol” and one of the ways is by offering several tech-savvy ways to cast votes for your favorite contestants. They also ate up precious broadcast time explaining the different ways to vote. We’ll get to that in a second.

In addition to the normal telephone line voting, which has been the main source of reality competition votes since the inception, “The X Factor” also features text voting if you’re a Verizon customer, voting via the official website and voting on Facebook. Those aren’t completely new, though the Facebook is pretty recent.

But now – “X Factor” also has voting via an app on your phone and voting via Twitter. The app on your phone is, of course, only if you are Verizon subscriber with an Android-powered device. The app is called The Xtra Factor App. We’re US Cellular users, so let us know what you think if you’ve used it.

The Twitter voting method is open to anyone with a Twitter account. The “X Factor” website describes it as follows:

“You can vote by sending a Direct Message containing the number of the
act for whom you wish to vote via Twitter if you follow @TheXFactorUSA.
(Note: We don’t need to follow you back.) Tweets do NOT count. The
number assigned to each act is based on order in the performance show
each week, much like the toll-free and SMS voting methods. So, if you
wish to vote for act number 1, send a Twitter Direct Message containing
the number 1 to @TheXFactorUSA.”

Here’s our one quibble with these voting methods – they used up a decent amount of broadcast time explaining them Wednesday night (Nov. 2). The show also ended almost five minutes early, with the host having to let the judges talk nonsense smack for awhile to fill the hour. Perhaps those seven minutes (or whatever they were) could have been split up to give each contestant 35 more seconds of performance time.

Or just to give Melanie Amaro time to sing “Desperado” in its entirety.

Did anyone use the Twitter voting method? What did you think? Also, we fully expect that by next season, you’ll be able to vote merely by thinking about your favorite act really hard.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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