alex and sierra x factor winners 'The X Factor' winners Alex and Sierra want to co write every song on their albumEven after Alex and Sierra spent an hour and a half talking to press from all over the country, it still hasn’t sunk in that they won Season 3 of “The X Factor.” The Florida duo beat out Latin pop singer Carlito Olivero and rocker Jeff Gutt to take home the title — and a $1 million Sony recording contract — but even while they were getting visibly emotional while singing their coronation song, it still felt like just another week in the FOX reality competition.

“It kind of felt like just another performance,” Sierra Deaton tells Zap2it backstage after her victory. “Like, ‘OK, we made it through another week. Yeah!'”

They started out fine, but Alex Kinsey quickly lost his composure and they were both in tears by the end of their encore rendition of “Say Something.” “I was all right,” says Alex. “I was like ‘Man, this is going to be OK,’ but then the song started and all those blue lights in the audience, and I don’t know. It just really got me. It was really, really overwhelming.”

Sierra, who had cried many times throughout the season, was actually the one staying strong and wiping away her boyfriend’s tears — that is until the moment their fellow Top 13 singers ran onstage to congratulate them. “That’s when I lost it,” she says.

Adds Alex, “When we were just engulfed in a sea of white, all the white outfits and stuff, and Restless Road was bawling in our arms, and I’m bawling in Colton’s arms, it was so emotional. It was so cool though. That was honestly probably one of my favorite moments of all time.”

Now that they’ve won, they’re excited to go home and spend time with their families for Christmas, but after the holidays they’re heading right back to Los Angeles to start working on their debut album. “We’re going to come out here for as long as the album takes,” Alex says. “We’re going to make sure that we do it right and do it quick and get it out so people don’t get cold with us.”

Adds Sierra, “But quality first over the speed.”

That means they will have a hand in everything. “As far as we’re concerned, we’re going to be co-writers on every single song that we put out. Even if it’s very miniscule,” says Alex. “We just want to make sure that our stamp of approval is on everything, because that’s what we’ve done in the competition and it’s been successful for us.”

Just talking about their future album makes both Alex and Sierra giddy. “Here’s the deal. I’ve always been saying it — for like six years,” Alex says. “I’ve just never had an album to come out with. I’ve never had the resources or anything. People would be saying ‘Hey dude you’re playing gigs, are you going to have an album?’ ‘Dude, I’m going to get it out as quick as possible.’ Now I can actually say that and it’ll happen.”

Says Sierra, “Since I met him four and a half years ago, he’s had an album coming out. So now it’ll actually come through.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley