cece frey x factor lady marmalade top 8 fox 'The X Factor's' CeCe Frey responds to Simon Cowell: 'I'm not packing a suitcase'CeCe Frey is the fighter who just won’t give up on this season of “The X Factor.”

She’s survived an elimination sing-off in three out of the four weeks of live shows. If you believe the judges, she may be singing for survival again this week thanks to her elaborately staged take on “Lady Marmalade.” After her performance, Simon Cowell flat out told her: “My advice tonight is pack a suitcase.”

But Frey says she’s happier than ever on the show, and finally feels like she’s found herself as an artist. “I definitely felt like that performance tonight was all me, and I have not been able to say that about my performances in the past,” Frey told reporters after the show. “I know I tried to say ‘This is great, I love this.’ No. I have not had more fun on this show than I’ve had doing that performance tonight. It was so sassy and fierce, so me, and I loved it.

Frey said the costume she wore was designed just for her and the jewels on her face intended to recall her trademark leopard spots were individually glued on. “Tonight I felt like, ‘Finally! Here I really am, take it or leave it.'”

And one of the reasons was the song choice. “There are very few songs that I hear that I just go ‘This gets me so pumped!,'” Frey explained. “This is definitely one of those songs.”

As for Cowell’s criticisms, Frey is used to it by now and cheerfully dismisses him as “grumpy.” But she wants to make one thing clear: She’s not planning on going anywhere. “Simon says I oughta pack a suitcase. I’m not packing a suitcase. I will pack whenever I hear the words ‘See you later, CeCe Frey,’ and even then it won’t be the last time you hear from me. As much as so many people would love it to be the last time they hear from me, it’s just not gonna happen.”

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