dexter haygood x factor 'The X Factor's' Dexter Haygood says he left voluntarilyDexter Haygood, the 49-year-old rocker who was cut after the first live “X Factor” show, is now saying he left the show because it wouldn’t let him be himself, reports the AP. He says he told his mentor Nicole Scherzinger he was dissatisfied with the show.

“I wanted to leave the show because I was unhappy that I was unable to be a rock artist. I grew up on rock,” says Haygood. “Can you imagine Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, James Brown doing [Beyonce’s Crazy in Love].”

He is referring to the songs handed to him on the show to perform, which included the aforementioned Beyonce song and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” which is what he performed the night he was eliminated from the show.

Producers “seemed to have their way of doing things,” says Haygood. “I’m not sure why they wouldn’t let me be me.”

Haygood claims Scherzinger took his complaint to the producers and came back with an offer: He would be eliminated on Thursday’s results show if he agreed to return for the season finale. He says he wouldn’t have quit, but he appreciated the out he was offered.

He also has voiced his frustration with his portrayal on the show.

“I was treated more like a character than an artist. This is TV, they
want a good story, you know? But they took that and I didn’t get a
chance to be an artist. I was doing things I would never do,” says Haygood.

We have a couple things to add. FIrst of all, the quote about “Thursday’s results show” is from the Associated Press article. We realize there was no Thursday results show the first week of the live shows due to the World Series, so we aren’t sure if Dexter misspoke or if the AP made the mistake. We are merely reporting on what the AP says Dexter said.

Secondly, we completely agree with Dexter that the songs given to him were absurd and that he was more of a character on the show than an artist. It’s what happens a lot with these shows. We weren’t Dexter’s biggest fan, but he certainly did not need to be strutting around to “I Kissed a Girl.”

What do you think, Pop2it readers?

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