Okay, so technically a yearbook comes out just before summer, but I couldn’t resist attacking those ever-popular superlatives that pigeonhole students (or in this case, shows) for all of perpetuity. Although I did adhere to a few of the traditional categories (Best Couple, Class Clown), I also utilized a few creative additions of my own.

Keep in mind that these are my personal superlatives, so I will take all blame and all shame that goes with these choices. No matter what, let’s stay BFFs. K.I.T! — Hanh

Most Likely to SucceedChuck – Initially this show got interest since it preceded Heroes, but I found Chuck to be more consistently entertaining this season. What’s not to love? A cute lead, a hot ass-kicking babe, nerd jokes and espionage. It’s a fully realized premise that has so much more to cover. Give this freshman a copy of Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Best CoupleBones/House – This combo doesn’t beat The Love Boat/Fantasy Island double-header of the past, but it’s still darn satisfying. First, you have gruesome forensics with some romantic tension and comedic banter, followed by oddball illnesses, hit-or-miss diagnoses and creative insults galore. Aww, so cute.

Dream DateDexter – This is just a gorgeous show, from the way it’s shot to the messed-up, bloodthirsty glee it incites in my soul. Good ol’ Dex went astray at the beginning of this season, but our misunderstood boy got back on track and won back my love by that excellent finale. (Whoo, boy.) Plus, I’ve never killed anyone (not even inadvertently through secondhand smoke) and I have my commitment issues, so I think we’d be great together.

Class ClownsPushing Daisies, Reaper, 30 Rock, The Office – Comedy isn’t always consistent, but I appreciate any shows that embrace the subversive or weird and delivers zingers almost every episode. Reaper probably has the most work to do since its voice isn’t consistent, but it still makes me smile. The Office is just so very true-to-life, while Daisies probably feeds my need for whimsical absurdity the most with its saturated colors. 30 Rock appeals to my inner 10-year-old boy (whom I keep quiet with chocolate cupcakes and video games).

Most Likely to Take Over the WorldKyle XY/Ugly Betty – In their sophomore seasons, these shows started off a bit rocky since the leads seemed to have lost their way for a bit. Kyle felt alone and lost the Traegers’ trust several times over when it came to Jessi, but things are out in the open a bit more now, and the upcoming second half of the season promises even more growth. Betty lost her groove for a while there, reacting more to circumstances instead of greeting them with her trademark optimism. She’s coming around though, and her quirks are more endearing than problematic.

Most Popular Shows That I Pretend to WatchLost, Brothers & Sisters, Tell Me You Love Me, Mad Men. I only watched the first season of Lost, but the rest I admit to ignorance even though I’ve heard some good or at least intriguing things about them. If the writers’ strike continues, I might try to catch up with these online. Till then, be kind. Sorry, but I think I missed the boat (ha!) with Lost.

Most Tivo’d But Never WatchedBionic Woman, Moonlight – Word-of-mouth from friends just kept telling me I shouldn’t bother, and I guess this time I listened. I usually like these genres, so that, along with lingering curiosity and stubbornness keeps my DVR 14 percent full.

Most Scandalous FinaleThe Bachelor – I’m in the minority in supporting Brad’s decision not to pick either woman because he was most likely under contract to make it to the finale, even if he wasn’t feeling it. As to those who say he should have just picked someone to date, I say that just would have led the girls on even more when he didn’t have to. Okay, you can call me names and lynch me now.

Most Boring FinaleAmerica’s Next Top Model: Cycle 9 (Saleisha) – Once fan favorite Heather was out and the most-deserving Jenah got the boot, you had bland and blander left. Chantal never excelled at runway, and her CoverGirl commercial was wretched, so it was a foregone conclusion who was going to win after Chantal made an oops face when she tripped the Chinese stiltwalker.

Most Grammatically ChallengedAmerica’s Most Smartest Model – Gotta love it for the title alone. More on this in the Guilty Pleasures list.

Most InspiringSo You Think You Can Dance – I still intend to take contemporary dance classes. No, really. Not only were the dancers talented, limber and rather pretty, but the creative and moving routines actually made me pay attention to the choreographers, namely Mia Michaels and Wade Robson.

Most Nail-Biting – Any Food Network special that requires building some culinary monstrosity and then moving it to a dais only after traversing some stairs, hot coals and a pit of snapping alligators – Is that completely necessary, people?

Most AggravatingDancing With the Stars – Stop it with the popularity votes, viewers. I never found Marie Osmond to be that entertaining, but even if I did, her dancing was painful to watch. Give her her props, but don’t put her in the finals!

Like, Soooo 2006Grey’s Anatomy – Who’s sleeping with whom? I so don’t care anymore.

list, but the girls aren’t slouches when it comes to fashion either. I have a strange fascination with Blair’s (Leighton Meester) odd Victorian-inspired styles and hair bows, but I admit that Serena’s (Blake Lively) more free-spirited short dresses and tall boots are more accessible and wearable.

I could go on and on, but why should I? What do you think? How wrong am I? What did I miss?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen