Today’s cuppa; PG Tips tea (but I just bought Good Earth Sweet & Spicy on the recommendation of Emily Procter of “CSI: Miami,” so watch this space …)

Time to resurrect something I used to do for a now-defunct print column, a collection of random but entertaining quotes I collected on my travels. Enjoy!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for chuck-poster-400wi.jpg“I had a big fight scene yesterday. I’m a bit sore. Oh, it was just five bad guys. I just killed a few people.” Yvonne Strahovski, “Chuck,” NBC

“With my love of the Muppets, and Jason Segel’s knowledge of the Muppets, we should probably just do a 150th-episode puppet show.” Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother,” CBS

‘The inner little kid in me, little boy in me, loves all the running and gunning, because that’s what every boy grows up dreaming of doing.” Zachary Levi, “Chuck,” NBC

“Mostly, I read nonfiction. I really like books about politics, but fortunately for me, I’m smart enough to not talk about politics, I just read a lot of books about politics.” Chi McBride, “Human Target,” Fox

“I have two tattoos, and I wish I didn’t have either of them. I have a tramp stamp. No, this is the worst. It’s horrible. It’s something that really appealed to me at 19, OK? It’s a little girl/angel/butterfly sitting on a branch, looking very pensive. Then I have the Japanese symbols for love and faith on the back of my neck.” Danielle Fishel, “The Dish,” Style

“Poland is such an interesting country. You go there, it’s a very artistic, intellectual culture, but they’ve been so oppressed and surrounded by all these other cultures, where they were forced to create and also stay true to their roots and very strong. They’re a very strong and stoic people.” Danny Pudi (who’s half Polish), “Community,” NBC

“(Both Nathan Fillion and Zach Levi) can be smarmy and sarcastic when they want to be. The wonderful thing that I found out about those two men is their hearts are lovable, and they love people. Their hearts are open and embracing and welcoming. They don’t have an ounce of self-consciousness that I’ve seen. I’ve seen them both in very compromising positions, and they are good-natured about.” Adam Baldwin, “Chuck,” NBC (and formerly of “Firefly,” which starred Fillion, on Fox)

“My son is 15 years old, and my daughter is 21 months old, so when Alex was two, two-and-a-half, is when I started on ‘Star Trek.’ I feel like I missed so much of his childhood, because I was working all the time. Now, I realize it’s very different having a baby at 40 than having a baby at 26, 27, whatever it is. You appreciate a lot more now, and you realize how fast it goes, and you realize they’re this small for about five minutes. You literally blink your eye,Nathan_Fillion_Castle.jpg and they’re in high school.” Jeri Ryan, “Leverage” TNT (and a recent episode of USA’s “Psych”)

“I was approached in one bookstore. They said, ‘We only have three copies (of the Richard Castle book) left, could you sign them?’ ‘Sure.’ I always sign as Nathan Fillion, because that’s the autograph I practiced since high school. If I were to sign Richard Castle, it just wouldn’t look right. I can sign my autograph 2,000 times, not looking at it, and it’s perfect. That’s learning.” Nathan Fillion (right), “Castle,” ABC

“Did you see the first episode? I think it opens with me bashing on my keyboard with my fist, which you know I love playing. It just gives Chloe an opportunity to hate on everybody.” Mary-Lynn Rajskub, “24,” Fox

Posted by:Kate O'Hare