At long last, love.

Paris and Nicole, together again at the launch party for Lara Shriftman‘s “Party Confidential” book on how to entertain like a star, sponsored by Domino magazine.

At the Friday night bash at a very private home, the pair rehearsed their old posing routines for the party photographer.

I can just hear them perfecting their classic pose: “Okay, now you lean in and smirk while I lean back and smirk. Perfect.”

Later, they were even seen holding hands! Ain’t love grand?

Also in the house: Lindsay Lohan‘s ex-beau Hard Rock Hotel heir Harry Morton, soccer player/actor Vinnie Jones, Lara Flynn Boyle and her lips, Josh Duhamel, producer Christine Peters, Kimberly Stewart and Rex Lee, who plays Ari Gold’s secretary on “Entourage.”

Photo Credits: Love means never having to say "I’m sorry, Bitch."
John Sciulli/WireImage

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