The folks behind the Bad Lip Reading YouTube page have just brought their hilarious spoofing to a whole new level. This time, it’s the NFL that has gotten the lip reading treatment, and after watching the above video, it’s going to be hard to watch football games the same way again.

From Joe Staley asking Colin Kaepernick to help him burn a man to Tom Brady finally realizing, “I’m white!” there’s plenty to love in this video even if you aren’t a fan of football. And if you are, well, it will be all the more rewarding when Peyton Manning tells his teammates, “I brought you a potion and it’s going to work great because it’ll make you run.”

The video at least has George Takei‘s stamp of approval. “It’s the height of football season, and that means–that’s right: Bad Lip Reading. Try not to laugh while watching this,” he posted.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz