Jesseplemons_fridaynights_nbcnet_24I’ve pretty well exhausted my well of adjectives to describe how much I love Friday Night Lights, so I’ll just open the floor to you to discuss last night’s fantastic "Mud Bowl" episode, one of the show’s two or three best episodes this season. Some possible topics:

  • Landry (the fabulous Jesse Plemons) holding a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves when he approaches Tyra in the library.
  • Coach and Mrs. Coach at the new field: "The cows are more supportive than you are," followed by Coach saying he’s going "to get some blankets." Hey now.
  • Street coaching up Saracen — "They’re gonna be in your chili all night."
  • The deft handling of Waverly’s bipolar disorder. When this storyline first surfaced a few episodes back I was worried it would just be one crisis too many for Smash, but the writers have done a fine job of not making it too soapy. Plus, that scene with Waverly and Lyla shooting rocked.
  • Speaking of Lyla, her blowup with Street might have been one of Minka Kelly’s best moments all season. Street needed a little slap upside the head.
  • Every exchange between Coach Taylor and the other coach. I’m planning to work the phrase "Butch up, Sally" into conversation as often as possible from this day forward.
  • And, of course, Tyra. As I first watched that scene, I wondered if maybe she’d get so frustrated with Landry that she’d leave with the other guy and break Landry’s heart. What happened, of course, was much worse, although I think it was a smart dramatic choice to have Tyra fight off her attacker by herself (I was practically yelling "Grab the cigarette lighter!" at the TV), and I loved that the usually verbose Landry sensed there was nothing he could really say to her, so he just offered the support of his presence.

OK, your turn. How good was that episode?

Posted by:Rick Porter