Anthony_Cooper In this installment of “This Week is Death,” we’re going to look at the most satisfying deaths “Lost” ever produced. These were deaths in which we stood up and cheered at wrongs suddenly made right. We pumped our fists in violent satisfaction. Our long-held desire to see certain characters meet their maker made for some of the show’s best moments, and we’ll be looking at the five most satisfying deaths today.

Honorable mentions: Roger Linus, Ethan Rom

Tom Friendly. While far from the hillbilly leader first seen at the end of Season 1, his kidnapping of Walt marked him in “Lost” fans’ eyes as a man who needed to pay for his actions. Many of us thought he would live to see Season 4, but Sawyer’s instincts made sure that didn’t happen.

Danny Pickett. Taking his grief over his wife’s death out on Sawyer and Kate, Pickett made sure their time on Hydra Island was complete hell. While Ben chose to wield psychological means to keep his captives in check, Pickett wasn’t above using physical violence to achieve his goals. Seeing Juliet cap him before he could finish the job marked a cathartic end for fans while introducing new layers to a now seminal character.

Anthony Cooper. In a show rife with daddy issues, this might be the worst daddy of them all. The landscape is littered with the lives crushed in his wake, so when James Ford finally realized the identity of the man in the Black Rock, it marked the culmination of three years in which we couldn’t wait for karma to catch up with Cooper. 

Martin Keamy. Keamy, Keamy, Keamy. You glorious bastard. A villain seemingly without emotion, your underplayed nature made you ten times creepier than most television villains. Your fight with Sayid marked a high point with the show in terms of well-staged violence, but your killing of Alex ensured Benjamin Freakin’ Linus would make sure you never left the Island alive.

Phil. Dude, you hit Juliet. Talk about “marked for death.” I’m surprised you didn’t get a sunburn from the fan hatred spewed your way after that act. While I would have preferred Juliet or Sawyer had actually offed you, I still sent an Edible Arrangement to the piece of metal that skewered you at the Swan.

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