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Anthony_Sullivan_Billy_Mays_Pitchmen 2-7-2009 3-55-31 PM Yesterday, I talked to "Pitchmen" creator Thom Beers of Original Productions, and this Zap2it story was the result.

The upshot is, the Discovery Channel show will go on after the death of Billy Mays (in blue), with Anthony "Sully" Sullivan (in green), Billy Mays III (who's been under Sully's wing, learning the producing and directing side of the infomercial business) and some new faces. But there's one thing that can never be replicated or replaced.

"What's interesting with our Billy Mays, that we just lost," Beers says, "there's something about the absolute pitch of his voice. You sit in a room and literally kids, children, babies, pets, would all perk up and they'd turn to the television.

"Dogs, cats, everybody, didn't matter — something about the pitch and tone of his voice, literally they turn their heads to that screen. It was the yelling or the frequency. You don't replace that."

As always, Beers — whose current TV shows include "Deadliest Catch," "Ice Road Truckers" and "Ax Men" — has plenty of other TV ideas simmering on the stove. The latest to come to the table is "The Colony," premiering Tuesday, July 21, on Discovery.

The reality series takes several people from different backgrounds and with different skill sets and it would be cool. Can I ask you something, do you think he has any rhythm at all"?

As I'm Irish-American, I didn't feel qualified to speculate on whether a Norwegian-American like Sig would necessarily have an inherent sense of rhythm, but I did confess to not having really seen any direct evidence of it on the show.

"That's what I'm saying," Beers says. "I worry. Look, we'd love it. Personally, and as a producer of 'Deadliest Catch,' I'd love for him to go. He'd have to be taping during the first few weeks of king crab season. But boy, when he comes back…

"We'd love that, are you kidding me? When he comes back, we'd have a pink tutu around the captain's chair. Are you kidding me? These guys, they'd crucify him."

Posted by:Kate O'Hare