Here’s a news flash of the day: Internet relationships aren’t always what they seem to be. “Criminal Minds” star Thomas Gibson found that out the hard way when he got into an online relationship with a woman who didn’t turn out to be who she claimed she was.

According to TMZ, a woman contacted Gibson on Twitter about two years ago and said she was a big fan. The photos she provided of herself were scantily clad and sexy — and stolen from other websites.

Gibson went along with the conversation, and the two had an online relationship lasting around two years. They would share videos like the two above, and would share “explicit photos and video” — though the woman’s were primarily taken from an array of porn websites.

The relationship came to an end when Gibson realized the woman was a fake and his lawyers told her to cut off communications. The catch? Gibson has been married to his wife Christine Gibson since 1993 and they have three kids. Wonder what she has to say about these videos.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz