thor trailer screengrab 'Thor' movie trailer: How does Chris Hemsworth hold up?Ladies and gentlemen, the “Thor” trailer has finally hit the web, and it’s epic. If there’s this much awesomeness in two and a half minutes, we’re going to need a seatbelt when we go see the real thing. We’re blown away by the special effects, the romance, the villains, and the Asgard cityscape.

Mostly, we’re impressed – already – by Chris Hemsworth, the lucky Australian actor chosen to play the title role. Best known to American audiences as George Kirk in the “Star Trek” remake, Hemsworth looks decidedly different as Thor… and we already love him.

Thor is the God of Thunder, banished to Earth to live amongst humans after his reckless actions endanger Earth and his home of Asgard. There, he’ll meet Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) – but romance will take a backseat to the epic battle he has to lead to save… well, everything.

Let us know your thoughts, Marvel fans! Do you think Hemsworth pulls it off?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie