tom hiddleston thor 'Thor: The Dark World': Does Tom Hiddleston's Loki have a change of heart?Does Thor’s misguided brother have a change of heart in “Thor: The Dark World”?
Loki, who attacked Earth in last year’s megahit “The Avengers,” returns. But just how evil or if he’s had a softening of the heart, Tom Hiddleston can’t reveal, but he will say what he hopes happens.

Hiddleston reprises Loki, Thor’s adopted brother, who’s such a terrific menace that he’s been nominated for an MTV Movie Awards for Best Fight Scene and Best Villain.
“The fun of playing Loki is the character itself constantly keeps people guessing,” Hiddleston tells Zap2it. “And he provokes a double-edged sentiment in the people who allegedly he has invested in, and who he cares about. As someone, who was then cast out as the black sheep of the royal family, whether he can be accepted into that fold is a question that remains to be answered. Just how dark and evil he has become is another question I hope the film will answer.”
He has every intention of playing Loki for as long as he can — in between other roles.
“I will go on until the audience wants me to stop or Marvel tells me to stop,” Hiddleston says. “It is a rare thing to be connected to a character that people enjoy watching. I never expected it my wildest dreams. You don’t dare sign up for that as an actor. All any actor can see is they might play a character that somehow ignites the public imagination and it is thrilling when you do. It is in good fun.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler