Today's cuppa: raspberry Ceylon tea, whole-leaf in the pyramidal teabag

One of the curses of the syndicated journalist is you're dependent on other folks to publish and/or post your stuff, and then you're dependent on Google to find it when you want it.

This week, I did feature stories on two new series, both premiering tomorrow night. I found a link to one — click here to see's edited version of my story on NBC's "Southland" — but the other,Southland

no joy.

Luckily, the home office was able to send me a copy of my "Harper's Island" feature (albeit a shortened one, as being edited to fit diferent spaces is the other curse of the syndicated writer).

Got lots more stuff on other topics to share with you guys, but up to my eyebrows right now in a story I'm working on about, the new online project from "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe. Did a blog post on it earlier, and now going for the full on syndicated TV feature.

So, deadlines and duty call, but in the meantime, enjoy a little trip to "Harper's Island" (click for larger version) …


Posted by:Kate O'Hare