ti tiny 416 ti 'T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle' Season 4, episode 16: T.I. has a good old fashioned stake out

“T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” continues to be the world’s best reality sitcom hybrid, this week with T.I. installing cameras in the house and watching from a surveillance van to catch his kids in the act of trouble-making. How this was not a plot of “Boy Meets World,” the world may never know.

Luckily, “T.I. & Tiny” has got the entire world covered.

“It seems like when I’m around, they’re on their best behavior, and when I’m not: anarchy … The kids may need a little bit of a lesson in respect. But, I need to catch ’em.”

After learning from Precious that the boys are “so disrespectful” when T.I. isn’t around, the “Family Hustle” patriarch decides to see for himself. Everyone knows there is no better way to catch your child doing bad than by installing nanny cams all around the house, and that’s just what T.I does with his partner in crime, little Major.

Watch these clips and see T.I. take matters into his own sitcom dad hands:

Meanwhile, Tiny and Niq Niq take self defense classes, a suitable sitcom B-plot if ever there was one:

Another week, another episode where “T.I. & Tiny” doesn’t just channel sitcoms — it channels ’90s sitcoms almost perfectly. In a time when nostalgia is king, T.I. (and Tiny, as well as the family hustle) takes the crown almost effortlessly, all while working under the guise of a reality show set-up.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson