Please welcome today’s guest blogger, the estimable Tia Cupps, my mentor in all things tea, who’s been kind enough to weigh in on today’s “Puppy Bowl” action from the lair back East, from which she conducts black-tea ops for the federal government (with the help of some kitty pals).

Take it away, Tia!

Puppy_Bowl.jpgIt’s Super
Bowl Sunday and that means it’s time for “Puppy Bowl VI”!


I’ve settled
down to watch with a lovely cup of Constant Comment — the blogger’s favorite tea.


Yet another
bunch of cute puppies takes the field at Animal Planet Stadium — I certainly hope
this wasn’t live since I’m not sure anyone could have gotten to Silver Springs in
all this snow. But it’s always sunny for the Puppy Bowl.

(HCTV: “Puppy Bowl” is taped in October in beautiful, then-autumnal Silver Springs.)


This year,
I’m loving the (wagging) tailgaters in the parking lot, complete with barbecue
grill with goodies on it and an antique TV with rabbit ears. And speaking of
which: bunny cheerleaders this year — fuzzy and literally laid back. I’m
surprised they didn’t go after the pom poms.


Piloting the Twizzlers’ Blimp are scruffy-looking hamsters that look more
distracted than the half-time kittens. I must say the addition of rodents has
put some real teeth into the game this year. Now they need to add some reptiles
in a sports bar watching the game and we’ll have all bases covered. Yes, I mean
lounge lizards!


The puppies
are on the field and it’s every dog for him- or herself. Why are there no
penalties for humping? Note to Animal Planet: 86 the slippery plastic logo
since there seem to be a lot of skidding puppies today.


This year’s
batch of commercials is a lot of fun. I thought the Subaru commercial with the
dogs trying to park in the parking lot was well done (and so true). A big shout
out to Bissell and Pledge — I can most certainly vouch for the efficacy of the
Pro Heat II as well as the Pledge pet hair remover (which would be a perfect
addition to my arsenal of cleaning supplies
Puppy_Bowl_Garbanzo_Andrew_Schechter.jpg if only it were refillable).


But the
commercial that made me laugh out loud was the Pedigree one with doggie
dentures! Very well done and only slightly creepy.

(HCTV: Any opinions or product endorsements from Tia Cupps do not
necessarily reflect the purchasing habits or preferences of HCTV,
especially since HCTV does not have furry pets — but would be grateful
if anyone has an extra Num Nums the Zhu Zhu pet hamster lying around. Bonus points for including the hamster ball.)


Half-Time was as adorable as usual and I’m glad they’ve added moving toys to
the “stage.” As I was cooing over the kittens Tetley, one of my own charming
cats, suddenly appeared and suggested it was dinner time. I convinced her to
wait for the next commercial which she did with great reluctance and a lot of


The pups
seemed to run out of steam in the second half, with several penalties for
napping in the end zone, puppy substitutions and a great deal of sloshing about
in the water bowls.


All in all
a satisfying game. I noticed that the puppies were from a variety of shelters,
most outside the area. I don’t remember seeing a disclaimer about where the
puppies go from here.

(HCTV: We hope that all the puppies have been adopted by now. But we do know for sure that Jake and Duncan have new homes.)


Ah well!
Another “Puppy Bowl: is in the record books and …


… the MVP, Jake the Chihuahua-Pug
mix, truly deserved his award for showpuppyship if nothing else. He’s one
speedy boy!


Off to warm
up the kettle for another cuppa and try to watch the Super Bowl to see if it
can measure up.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare