tibetan mastiff Tibetan mastiff will cost you $1.5 million; Big Splash probably has a big egoIt has come to our attention that an 11-month-old red Tibetan mastiff named “Big Splash” has officially nabbed the record for world’s most expensive pet. If dogs didn’t already know they were better than us, they probably do now.

The pup was sold to a Chinese businessman for a whopping $1.5 million according to CBS News. His native name is Hong Dong, he clocks in at around 180-pounds — and he’s still growing.

Big Splash’s breeder, Lu Liang, says the price tag is completely warranted and that his dog is a “perfect specimen.”

“We have spent a lot of money raising this dog, and we have the salaries of plenty of staff to pay,” he explains.

That dog better come pre-obedience trained, housebroken and able to speak English (or Chinese) as far as we’re concerned.

Crazy enough, this breed has been raking in the dough for years. In 2009, a mastiff named Yangzte No. 2 apparently was sold short at $500,000 (probably because she wasn’t No. 1) and last year, a mastiff was priced at almost $1.47 mil.

Apparently, this breed has come to represent wealth and status in China, becoming a hot commodity among the nation’s elite. Also apparently, that old saying just simply isn’t true… you can totally buy love. Puppy love, at least. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci