lindsay lohan tiffany mitchell spotted nyc Tiffany Mitchell: Lindsay Lohan's accuser out and about in NYC

Tiffany Mitchell, the woman who Lindsay Lohan punched at New York City nightclub Avenue, didn’t feel the need to hide following the incident. The well-known psychic was spotted walking around NYC recently, though she wore big sunglasses that hid any evidence of injuries that occurred as a result of Lohan punching her on the left side of her face.

The fight resulted in Lohan being arrested for assault by NYC police. It has yet to be determined whether she was drunk or on drugs when the incident broke out, and if her alleged intoxication had anything to do with her aggressive behavior. TMZ posted the images of Mitchell and also claims that Lohan called her a “f**king gypsy” while at the nightclub. That racial slur caused tensions to rise between Lohan and Mitchell’s friends, and eventually resulted in the “Liz & Dick” star punching Mitchell.

“The bouncer was having a fight with somebody else and I grabbed my wife next to me,” Mitchell’s husband Wayne Stevens said in his police report. “My friend had their wife, and there were girls behind us. After it was over she [Lohan] went over and pushed my wife hard. I don’t even know why she pushed her … About five minutes later she comes around and told my wife ‘I need space’ or something like that. And then she just punched her.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz