tiger woods notsmiling Tiger Woods' affairs just the beginning: What else did he lie about?

According to Vanity Fair’s new profile of the troubled golfer, the worst blow to Tiger Woods‘ reputation may not be from his baker’s dozen batch of mistresses.
It’s from Tiger’s link to Dr. Anthony Galea, suspected by US federal officials of supplying illegal human growth hormone drugs to athletes.
According to news accounts, Tiger Woods saw the doctor on several occasions after knee surgery in 2008. According to his camp, Galea treated Woods to platelet-rich plasma therapy during visits to the golfer’s Florida home.
So far there is no proof that Woods took performance enhancers, and the golfer is not part of the federal investigation of this doctor.

]]>Vanity Fair points out (and as his cover photo shows), a muscular, buff Tiger now looks more like an extra from “300” than the skinny buck-toothed golf geek he used to be.

tiger woods muscles  Tiger Woods' affairs just the beginning: What else did he lie about?This drastic change has not gone unnoticed by golf sportswriters, but remains for the most part unmentioned in the press.
Until now. 
Fans are no longer sure if Tiger is what he always seemed to be. Any free pass or presumption of innocence Tiger has enjoyed disappeared with the emergence of mistress after mistress after mistress. 
Let’s face it, this sex scandal has put the brightest media spotlight on Tiger. As a result, every publication and website is going to try to dig up dirt on the golf star.
It’s open season on Tiger. 
The price Tiger may pay for this intense media scrutiny may be very high. 
A cheating husband? Sponsors and fans can understand and eventually even forgive. A cheating athlete? Not so much.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead