Tiger Woods 250 Tiger Woods angry at Masters loss, takes time off. Alone?Tiger Woods is  reportedly furious with himself for losing the Masters.

Fourth place is simply not a position the world champ golfer is used to. He’s won the Masters easily four times and his career rev up is now stuck firmly in neutral. 

Wanna bet his late father’s voice is playing louder in his own head now than it did on his Nike commercial soundtrack?

What was he thinking? What did he learn?

“I only enter events to win,” he told reporters, “and I didn’t get it
done. He offered an excuse: “I think people are making way too much of
a big deal of this thing. I was not feeling too good.” 

]]>Jim Litke on the Huffington Post. Describing his muffed Masters shots, Tiger admitted, “I don’t know how people think you can be happy about that. These are not things I normally do. So I’m not going to be smiling and not going to be happy.”
He got wild applause for his first tee shot on Thursday. But even he admits, “As the week wore on, I kept hitting the ball worse.” His temper began cracking on Friday, and mikes caught him scolding himself, “Tiger, you suck!” During the day, he talked with reporters who asked about his “mental focus.” “It’s fine,” Woods said. “That’s never a problem.” “Playing three days in a row isn’t getting …” Woods tersely replied,  “It’s not a problem.” About his future plans, “I’m going to take a little time off and re-evaluate things,” Woods said. He may be doing that alone. Hollywood Life reports that his wife Elin Nordegren has left the building. On the final day — April 11 — of the Masters, Elin — noticeably absent for the tournie —  boarded a private jet alone in Orlando. She is reportedly still not wearing her wedding ring and sleeps at the rented home down the road from their Windermere, Fl., home. So Tiger has lost the Masters and the woman he professes to love?
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