tiger news conference Tiger Woods' Augusta press conference: He's still really really sorryThe Tiger Woods Apology Tour 2010 stopped at Augusta National Golf Club today (April 5) where Tiger addressed over 200 reporters. Tiger, sporting a new goatee, spoke about his sex scandal, of course, but also about his return to golf, his controversial medical choices, and his Thanksgiving car accident.

Woods says that golf has finally become fun again. “When you’re living a life that is a lie, life isn’t fun. Now that’s been stripped away, it feels fun again.”

]]>Dr. Anthony Galea, who has reportedly provided other athletes with performance-enhancing drugs, Woods says “I’ve never taken any illegal drug, ever.” Tiger was under Galea’s care after tearing his Achilles tendon and getting knee surgery. Galea performed a procedure called platelet-rich plasma, in which Tiger’s own blood was put in a centrifuge to produce concentrated platelets that accelerate tissue repair. Galea is currently under investigation, and Tiger says that the authorities “will get full cooperation whenever they need me, but right now they haven’t asked for my time.” Regarding his Thanksgiving car accident, Woods says that he received stitches in his mouth and was fined $166. “It’s a closed case,” he says. “I’m trying as hard as I possibly can each and every day to get my life better and better and stronger, and if I win championships along the way, so be it.” Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook and @cadlymack on Twitter for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. More Tiger Woods dish: Elin Nordegren not happy about Tiger Woods’ return to golf
Tiger Woods about Masters: ‘It would be nice to hear applause.”
Tiger Woods shots new Nike ad, next fix marriage or do Masters? Photo credit: Getty

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