Can it possibly get any worse for Tiger Woods? 
The answer is yes. And the reason why is Theresa Rogers.

]]>rogers Tiger Wood's cougar Theresa Rogers taught him everything? We smell a book deal.

Tiger Woods is reported to be involved with  Rogers, a busty blond, 48, from Wellington, Florida. Radaronline has reported that Tiger has allegedly been having an ongoing affair with this married mother for five years, before and after his marriage to Elin Nordegren. 
She’s bragging that she taught Tiger how to be a great lover. Do we smell a book deal in the making? “Cougar Tips for Young Studs.” Or “How to Put a Tiger in Your Tank.”
And in case  you are wondering, she looks a lot like his Tiger’s other babes. Just a little more… done, if you know what we mean and we think you do.
Boy, this looks really really bad for the Tig. First there are approximately 13 women — mostly cocktail waitresses or hostesses — who have been allegedly identified as his mistresses. And some are even talking to the media.
His wife has reportedly left him, removed her engagement and wedding rings and may move to Sweden with the kids. 
He’s losing sponsors. And now he’s got a proud cougar who’s bragging about teaching him all his tricks? Oh, Lordy.
The Dish Rag’s advice? Apologize, apologize, apologize. Then head for the nearest sex rehab and stay in therapy for a few years.
Photo: WireImage/ Radaronline