tiger woods espn 440 Tiger Woods faking it on ESPN and Golf Channel? CBS says no thanks, TigerTo believe or not to believe? That is the Tiger Woods question.

The golfer, who fell from grace after numerous alleged affairs made headline news, made another effort to repair his severely damaged public image on Sunday (March 21).

Woods gave five-minute interviews to ESPN and the Golf Channel, but his answers seemed somewhat rehearsed and controlled. Woods also refused to answer many questions, responding with answers such as, “that’s a private matter.” Reminiscent of his pre-scripted 13-minute apology on Feb. 19, it’s hard to tell if Woods really means what he’s saying.

]]>White House press secretary and damage control expert Ari Fleischer, who recently told the AP via email that he had been working for Woods, but had decided to withdraw. Hmmm. CBS, the network airing Woods’ return to golf at the Masters next month, said “no thanks” to an interview with Woods after being told they would be limited to the same five-minute time slot. Did you watch Woods’ interviews? Do you think he’s genuine, or is it all just canned publicity in preparation for his return to golf?
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Tiger’s apology: Worth all the fuss? Photo credit: ESPN

Posted by:Christine Law