elin and tiger woods getty Tiger Woods' Masters applause: 'It would be nice to hear'Tiger Woods told ESPN Sunday night (Mar. 21) that he’s a “little nervous” about the reception he faces when he returns to golf on April 8 for the US Masters. And some applause might help.

Woods — who had a baker’s dozen of mistresses come forward about ongoing sexual affairs with him — has done two stints in rehab. But he refused to say what kind of rehab because that’s “private”] although he did mouth all the right rehab buzz words (denial, amends, etc.).

But talking to TV’s Golf Channel and ESPN, he admitted he’s worried about the reception from fans when he  plays at the Masters.

]]>Elin Nordegren be there? Elin’s support at this point may be crucial to Tiger’s career resurgence and image restoration. Without her public forgiveness and supportive presence at the Masters, it’s a toss-up that the majority of Tiger’s fans will forgive and forget. Who’s gonna clap for a serial-cheater who wrecked his career, destroyed his family and hurt and embarrassed his gorgeous wife?  All the birdies in the world won’t make that right. Tiger’s fame and fortune depends not only on his golf skills, but on his tarnished image getting a good buff ‘n’ polish from Elin. That said, we would not put it past Tiger’s Team to place a few stunt clappers in the crowd to get the applause going. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz
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Tiger’s apology: Worth all the fuss? Photo credit: Getty Images

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