jaimee grubbs Tiger Woods' mistress No. 2 Jaimee Grubbs brags about newfound fame

Tiger Woods’ mistress numero dos, Jaimee Grubbs, is blasting out text messages to an old boyfriend about her new fame.
One gets the sense that —  far from being embarrassed by being found out for having an affair with a married man  — Jaimee is downright thrilled with the um, exposure.

]]>“Hey u… It’s been rough… I’m very well known now and everything I do is being blasted across the Internet,” she allegedly texted former lover Blair Johnston. Johnston tells Radaronline.com that Jaimee texted him last week, saying, “I’m on every news channel and in every magazine as Tiger Woods mistress.”

Johnston met Jaimee online about six years ago. She was 18 and he was 31. They found each other on a site called HotOrNot.com where one posts a picture of one’s self and then rates other people from one to ten.
Johnston explains, “I was talking to her for about a month or two online and then that’s when I went to see her in San Diego and we hooked up. We’ve stayed in touch over the years.” And he has the photos to prove it.
But Johnston is sad to say that she’s changed. “She just doesn’t seem like the same Jaimee. Not the Jaimee I knew anyways.”
Yeah, we bet she’s probably not such a cheap date anymore.