Tiger Woods 250 Paternity test shows Tiger Woods is not Devon James' baby daddyFinally some good news for Tiger Woods, who is trying to get his game on at the US Open in Pebble Beach.

Turns out he’s NOT the father of Devon James‘ 9-year-old son.

TMZ is reporting that a DNA test done in 2002 excluded Tiger’s paternity in the ongoing legal matter.
James, a 29-year-old porn actress alleged that Woods was the daddy of her son, Austin T. James. And yes, the T is for Tiger.

James was one of the baker’s dozen of porn stars, strippers and hostesses who went public about their ongoing affairs with the pro golfer. James initially claimed she first met Tiger when he was part of a threesome for which she was paid $2,000.

But this week James revealed that she first slept with Tiger in 2000, when she was 19 and they had a relationship.

It doesn’t help that James’ mother, Sandra Brinling, calls her daughter a “pathological liar.” “All she is looking for is to get money from Woods,” said Brinling, who now has custody of her daughter’s son.

The Dish Rag wonders if James was hoping to compete with Theresa Rogers? She claims to have negotiated a multimillion deal for her Tiger cub, born in 2004.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead