Should everyone just leave Tiger Woods alone? 
What’s the big deal? So he had a minor crash in front of his house. Is it any of our business
Guess so. CNN is reporting today that investigators are continuing with their investigation of the accident, even without Tiger’s cooperation.

Tiger has canceled meetings with investigators three times. His
attorney says he’s not obligated to give any statements to the police,
just his drivers license, registration and proof of insurance. Which
he’s done.

]]>Tiger also released a statement on his website this weekend saying only he was responsible for the crash. He says he’s ‘human’ and ‘not perfect.’ And that his wife acted ‘courageously.’ 

Authorities were hoping for some neighborhood surveillance videos of Tiger Woods  single car accident. None were found. 
Adding to the controversy, a National Enquirer story alleges that Woods has been seeing New York nightclub hostess Rachel Utichel, who firmly denies the allegations and is reportedly considering suing the publication for libel. She was met by high powered attorney Gloria Allred at LAX this weekend.
About the cancelled meetings, Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson Sgt Kim Montes  told CNN. “If we’re unable to meet with him, we’ll move on with our investigation,” But she did call the delays “very unusual, because it’s such a minor accident.” 
Is someone hiding something? 
Meanwhile, everyone’s wondering if Tiger will still host the Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, California. Woods has won the tournie four times, a match that raises money for Tiger Woods Foundation programs.
Will he show up? Will Elin? His rep told CNN that his attendance had not yet been determined.
Coincidentally, the rumored mistress Rachel Uchitel, is also in Los Angeles, having flown here over the weekend to have a meeting with Gloria Allred, who picked her up at the airport this weekend. 
BTW, if you’re planning on attending Chevon, the website warns that no video cameras, cells phones or cameras are allowed on the grounds during the tournie. Except that cameras are allowed on Wed. Dec. 2, opening day.
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