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Let’s just get it out of the way. The Dish Rag knows what you’re thinking and yes, Tiger Woods does apparently have a type. 
Above is a photo of his old girlfriend Joanna Jagoda (pictured left), whom he dated before he married the nanny of one of his Swedish golfer pals, Elin Nordegren (pictured right).


In dim light, they would look identical. Now toss in alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel who has firmly denied the affair and even offered to take a lie detector test after previously stating that she never “kisses and tells.”
Here’s the other thing you’re probably wondering. 
Why, with a smoking hot babe like Elin at home, would Tiger stray with Rachel and/or Jaimee Grubb, the other woman (former cocktail waitress) who is now stepping up to stake her claim as one of El Tigre’s paramours. 
And this one allegedly has sexy time texts and voicemails. Might wanna hide those golf clubs, Tiger.

What do you think? Is Tiger’s House of Cards about to come tumbling down? 
Should he call up A-Rod for the phone number of his divorce lawyer?
And how big a ring is he gonna get Elin this weekend? 
The big question is how many more women — real or fake girlfriends — will come out of the woodwork now?
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead