tila tequila radar Tila Tequila says Heidi Montag's whole life is 'fake.' Pot meet Kettle
Tila Tequila slams Heidi Montag in a video interview on Radaronline.com for her big fat fake life and her ten-years-older fake face.
We’d say it takes one to know one, but you already knew that.
Tila admits to her own plastic surgery (“a boob job and I love it”) but insists that Heidi has “gone overboard.” 

]]>Plus, Heidi is sending a “reallyreallyreally bad message to young girls out there who might look up to her. I don’t know who would look up to her but for those three girls that do, she’s sending those girls a message to not feel good about themselves.” 

Tila Tequila insists she’s not a hater but she does note that Heidi looks ten years older, post surgery. Ouch.
But since everything about Heidi is fake — her show, her relationship, her marriage — Tila says it “makes sense that her entire face is fake.” 
Yeah, cause Tila’s relationship to Casey Johnson was not fake at all. No, really.
Photo credits: Radaronline.com