When Britney Spears says she’s going to keep on dancing till the world ends, Britney Spears means she’s going to keep on dancing til the world ends. Her new apocalypse-themed video went live on VEVO promptly at midnight, Pacific time, on Tuesday night.

The track, written by Ke$ha, was interpreted literally for the video, which depicts a post-apocalyptic, ruined world. Britney herself was a little grossed out by the whole ordeal.

“The set was a little much,” she told MTV. “It was grimy and gross and it felt like there was poop everywhere when there wasn’t – it was sweat, it was disgusting sometimes.”

Oh, Britney, never change.

The video showcases those dance moves we still worship her for. Though her video energy is rarely matched in live performances these days, she remains legendary. We’re loving this one much more than “Hold It Against Me.”

What do you think of the vid, Zap2it readers? Did it meet your expectations, or are Britney’s days as the video queen over?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie