tim burton johnny depp3 Tim Burton: From 'Alice in Wonderland' to 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'
“Alice in Wonderland” is predicted to do huge “Avatar”-like box office this weekend. So how will director Tim Burton follow up his latest smash hit? 
 His next film will reportedly be “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”
Our first question? Is there room for Johnny Depp?

]]>Burton will produce the film based on Seth Grahame-Smith‘s mash-up novel by the same name and the author will also write the script.  The publisher, Hachette Book Group. has just put a mock trailer version on YouTube.

abraham lincoln vampire Tim Burton: From 'Alice in Wonderland' to 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'
Grahame-Smith also wrote “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” now a film starring Natalie Portman
In his newest book, he again mixes history and horror in a retelling of Abraham Lincoln’s life, beginning when a young Abe learns his mother was killed by a vampire who looks like John Wilkes Booth, and ending in the Ford Theatre, no doubt.
We haven’t read the book yet. But we’ve  always thought Johnny Depp would make a great Booth and a vampire version is just icing on the cake.
Cinematical likes Liam Neeson as Abe. We prefer Ben Whishaw. What do you think?
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