Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were at Comic-Con Thursday talking about "Alice in Wonderland."

DeppBurton "We tried to take the Alice mythology and characters and make a story out of it and be true to the spirit of what Alice is about," Burton told the press, including the L.A. Times. "The other versions for me suffer because there's no movement to it. It's just one weird event after another. We're trying to ground it a little a bit."

And of course, the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) has a bigger role in Burton's film.

"With him, we are always trying to find a subtext and layer to it, so it's rooted in humanity to some degree — something deeper than just being nuts," he adds.

The big news is that the film will be in 3-D and is a mix of animation, live-action, and motion-capture that Burton hopes will be a "mysterious puzzle that's frightening and exciting at the same time."

And thankfully, we can now show you the official Disney trailer.

The trailer was leaked on YouTube earlier this week, then yanked by Disney. Now it's back. We're not sure what was going on.

But it's great to be able to enjoy Burton's wizardry and get a sneak peek at Depp's mincing portrayal of the Mad Hatter.

Are you excited about "Alice?"

And does the Mad Hatter remind anyone else of Willy Wonka? Just asking…

Burton says of Depp's performance:  "John and I worked together many times, but he's never done a character with orange hair. We scalped Carrot Top and took his hair. … We realized once we got into it that we picked out every image from TV and cinema of red hair and it's quite a disturbing thing — from Bozo onward."

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