tim gunn gay rights Tim Gunn on gay marriage: 'It all has to be addressed at the federal level'

A picture of Tim Gunn, peers over his rimless glasses and holds a sign that reads: “People against same sex marriage say it will tear the social fabric of society. Do you really think gay people would do anything to harm fabric?” has been all over Twitter and Facebook. Yet Gunn tells Zap2it he has no idea where it came from.
But the “Project Runway” host likes it.
He has been glued to the news, waiting for anything on the Supreme Court ruling of gay marriage.
“I am trying to be as unemotional as possible,” Gunn says. “The Supreme Court is looking at this from the perspective of an appeal of a state’s proposition as to whether or not gay marriage should exist. That really is what is at the core of it.”
When he saw this morning’s New York Times’ headline across five columns this morning that reads: “Justices Say Time May Be Wrong for Ruling on Gay Marriage” Gunn says, “I was in a lather.”
tim gunn red carpet nc 325 Tim Gunn on gay marriage: 'It all has to be addressed at the federal level'Then he recouped and realized how the justices have to weigh the matter of equality. Will the court allow the California proposition to stand? But, he asks, should the court narrowly define the matter of gay marriage or tackle it?
The Supreme Court is weighing whether gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry. This issue before the court is whether voters in California were allowed to enact Proposition 8, which overturned a California Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage.
“I was so eager for the state and the Supreme Court to declare what happened in California shouldn’t have happened,” Gunn says. “I do a lot of work with the Human Rights Campaign. There are 33 states where you can be fired for being gay.”
“This is a state versus federal cataclysm,” he says. “If they rule that Prop 8 should not stand, then how do you rectify these other issues with gay laws? It all has to be addressed at the federal level.”
Gunn, nearly 60, recalls all too well when most gays were closeted.
“On the one hand we have come so far and we re-elected President Obama, thank the lord, baby Jesus,” he says. “And in other ways we are falling backward. The same election with Obama was the same one that voted in Proposition 8.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler