tim halperin Tim Halperin flirts with Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol'Listen up boys. The most important thing to remember about women is this: Never ask them how old they are.

“American Idol” hopeful Tim Halperin (from Forth Worth, Texas) did just that during his audition on the Feb. 3 episode when he asked judge Jennifer Lopez how old she was. He started off okay, telling Lopez he had a crush on her growing up, since he was in the fifth grade. When she asked how old he was, he answered with, “23. How old are you?” Awwwkward. Luckily, Lopez laughed it off and said, “None of your business. I’m young enough for you. Don’t worry.”

Despite his slip up, Halperin was sent through to Hollywood Week with his rendition of Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved,” despite receiving a “no” from Randy Jackson. We thought he was pretty good, but definitely not the best we’ve seen so far.

Maybe Halperin’s nerves got the better of him and caused him to ask the dreaded age question. “I’ve had a crush on her as long as I can remember,” he said. “I’m a little nervous to see what she thinks about me.”

At least Halperin didn’t say this pick-up line directly to Lopez or we would have had to hide our faces in our pillows from the awkwardness: “Jennifer, my love don’t cost a thing. I have news for you, it’s free for you.”

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