jetbow espn Tim Tebow already immortalized in New a sandwichHe’s been in the Big Apple for less than a week, but Tim Tebow has already made it to the biggest stage – he has his own sandwich at the Carnegie Deli.

The famed restaurant has introduced the “Jetbow.” The meal features a gut-busting pile of corned beef, pastrami and roast beef served with (natch) American Cheese on (double natch) white bread. The sandwich is garnished with a slice of tomato and lettuce. If you’re a deli purist and haven’t already been mortified by the choice of cheese or bread, this last condiment will certainly put you over the edge. The Carnegie also adds mayo to the sandwich.

The $22.22 sandwich isn’t the first to be named after a current New York sports icon. Knicks star Carmelo Anthony has “The Melo,” a heaping pile of pastrami, salami, bacon and Russian dressing served on rye.

The deli does not serve anything named after current Jets starting QB Mark Sanchez.

Posted by:David Eckstein