tim-tebow-christ-pose-shirtless-gq.jpgTim Tebow doesn’t appear to be hitting a quarter-life crisis as he graces the cover of September’s GQ, but on Tuesday (Aug. 14), he officially hits the 25-year mark.

So what do you get Tebow for his 25th birthday? One would presume a shirt would be an excellent present (for him, not for the ladies and gents drooling over his torso), since he can’t seem to keep his on. In the NFL Kick-Off issue of GQ, the mag resurrects a photo of the former University of Florida quarterback from his college days, where he’s striking a Christ-like pose (minus the cross) — naturally, sans shirt.

And lest we forget his shirtless run through the rain during a heavy downpour at the end of Jets practice, which led to viral photos and the slow-motion video (below) that we just can’t stop watching. It also, of course, led to relentless razzing from his teammates.

So happy birthday, Tim Tebow. Lose your shirt and celebrate. 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper